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Troubleshooting "send/receive e-mail" errors in e-mail clients.

If you cannot send/receive e-mails using your e-mail client (Thunderbird, Mozilla, Outlook etc) please
check the following:

Step 1 Check to make sure all the settings in your account are correct.

Incoming Server:
Outgoing Server:

User name/ Account name: Mailbox number (
Password: e-mail password (passwords are case-sensitive)

Step 2 You can receive but not send messages then please check the following:

Please check to see if outgoing server is authenticated. To send e-mails you have to authenticate
(using user name and password) the outgoing SMTP server


Some ISP's (Internet Service Providers) will block port 25, this port is used for the outgoing
server to send e-mails. It is easy to perform a quick test to ascertain if port 25 is blocked
or not.

Please Note:
These instructions are for customers who's computer is running MS Windows 95 or newer.

1. Open your DOS prompt by clicking Start -> Run -> Type in cmd and click OK.

Abbildung 1

Abbildung 2

2. In the window that pops up type in telnet 25 and hit Enter.

Abbildung 3

3. If your ISP is not blocking port 25 then the following message is displayed.
If port 25 is blocked then the connection just times out.

Abbildung 4

4. Now try the same check with your ISP's outgoing server. For e.g.
telnet 25
If this works then port 25 is blocked.

Try using port 587 for outgoing server. Check FAQ: Problems sending e-mail. OR use your ISP's outgoing server.

Check to see if "virus-checking of outgoing mail" option is turned off.
For example in Norton AntiVirus you can turn it off as follows:

1. Run Norton AntiVirus 2002. Make sure you are logged in with Administrator privileges.
2. Click "Options" button. Select E-mail on the left navigation menu.
3. Uncheck "Scan Outgoing E-mail (recommended)" and click "OK"

AOL Users
If you are using AOL, regardless of the SMTP server you configure your e-mail client to use, AOL
forces your outgoing mail to use AOL SMTP server. AOL outgoing server does not currently support
authenticated SMTP. Please use the outgoing mail settings provided by AOL.

If you are behind a firewall
Try turning it off and testing.

Outlook Express on a Mac
Outlook Express for Macintosh does not have the option for authenticating outgoing mail servers.
Use your ISP's outgoing server or change the e-mail client.

Please Note:
Make sure you have Unchecked the box near "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)"

Step 3 If you have problem receiving e-mails then try the following

1. Open your DOS prompt by clicking Start -> Run -> Type in cmd and click OK.

Abbildung 5

Abbildung 6

2. In the window that pops up type in telnet 110 and hit Enter.

Abbildung 7

Then type user click enter.
Type pass email_password hit enter.

You will see a message that says how may messages you have.

Abbildung 8

If this works, it means you have a problem with your e-mail client.

Some commands

You can list all the messages by typing list

You can check the status of the server by typing stat

To read an e-mail type retr # (where # is the e-mail number)

Step 4 Mail problems are also caused by applications or software such as Zone Alarm running on your
system. To check this, please click Start ->Run -> type msconfig and press enter. Click Startup
tab and check for a reference to zonalarm or other similar applications..

Also, check the firewall settings to see if the port 25 and 110 are open.

If the above instructions didn't work then please contact support

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